About Haaven Automatic

Both by name and design, a HAAVEN watch has a tough and durable feel to it and an international appeal. It is expressed in the large dimensions, screwed down durable casing and the use of stainless steel, ceramic and rubber accents.

The industrial look and feel of the exterior contrasts with the fine technology of the movement used. Citizen-Miyota movements form the heart of each HAAVEN watch – a leader in movement quality and accuracy – and come with a two year warrantee.

All HAAVEN watches are kinetic timepieces that are powered by the movement of the wearer’s body. Its moving balance always shows through the open space created in the dial, displaying more than just time itself. Same goes for the case back of the watch: the glass back provides a look into the heart of the movement, exposing the rotor and gears. HAAVEN watches are available in various models and colors.

HAAVEN watches come in a luxury wooden box and a two year warrantee. It’s the subtile balance between technique, design and pricing that values a HAAVEN watch.